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Equity Consulting

In today's world, even the most successful businesses could use a hand in reaching audiences they may not interact with using traditional methods or channels. 

If organizations are going to expand their client base and thrive in the future, they need to develop levels of excellence in their awareness, the inclusivity of their culture, and visibly demonstrating their commitment to diversity. In a private workshop or larger conference talk, Nekisha Killings employs a thorough and deliberate process of exploring how bias permeates organizations from the top down, crippling efforts to reach marginalized communities in both communications and actions. Learners discover approaches to shifting organizational culture from harmful to healing, from exclusive to inclusive, from equal to equitable.  Audiences become equipped to begin conversations to dismantle bias and build a culture of inclusion intentionally. Participants walk away with knowledge, resources, and tools to expand their understanding, and to immediately shift their approach to attracting and retaining clients and employees from often ignored communities. 

Are you ready to apply an equity lens to your organization? Want to expand your reach and appeal to a broader audience? Are you seeking to better understand emerging groups with unique needs? Want to know how to apply a culturally humble approach to care? Contact us today to learn more about our Equity and Inclusion Strategy Consulting service. Together, we can Imagine, Strategize, and Launch your business to new heights. 

Contact Us to discuss your needs today.

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