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Coined the Aha! Moment Maven for her uncanny ability to translate complex concepts into "eureka!" experiences for her audiences, Nekisha Killings MPH, IBCLC is a sought after facilitator, speaker, and coach. Having led in equity education across a variety of fields over the past 20 years, she utilizes her broad professional and personal experiences, coupled with her innate warmth and compassion, to convey concepts in a way that inspires physicians, employees, and volunteers to approach their work and communities with intention. She recently joined the team of Leadership Outfitters as an equity facilitator. Her featured lectures on Gold Lactation and Lactation Education Resources have garnered mutiple thousands of listens.


Current high demand topics include:

BreastSide Manner® for Lactation Professionals

Warm and empathic bedside manner is a lost art in provider-patient interactions. Be it time constraints, systemic limitations, lack of trust or training, the disconnect is apparent and the consequences are grave. In this talk, lactation support providers have an opportunity to learn how to be intentional in their approach to care in a way that honors the patient and their needs while also meeting them where they are. This talk will consider attitude, culture, language, and other factors that might have traditionally impeded communication, or relational connection, in order to get to the heart of drawing line of trust and respect between patient and provider.



What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You and Your Patients: The Role of Implicit Bias in Birth and Breastfeeding Support

Every day, every interaction we have is colored by the inherent and implicit biases that we each carry. We see the world through lenses that are tinted by our own lived experiences, the experiences of those who are dear to us, information we have been exposed to, and systems that we live within. No one is immune. Learn how you can both identify and dismantle your subconscious impressions and beliefs about your patient base to better provide empathic and impactful care.


Normalize Brown Breasts®: A Primer for Breast Assessment in Non-White Skin Tones

Is a red spot always a key indicator of mastitis? What about the deep purple trademark of vasospasm? How does eczema present on non-white skin? Performing a standard breast assessment may cause clinicians to overlook or misidentify key indicators of maladies in patients that are not fair-skinned. Learn how you can improve your assessments and familiarize yourself with other ways to identify common conditions in patient populations that were not featured in your textbooks. This talk is based on Nekisha's landmark new resource tool - The Melanated Mammary Atlas®.



Approaching Care When You’re Barely There: Reimagining Empathy When You’ve Got Nothing Left to Give

Healthcare professionals, particularly those in the lactation field, are known for providing care that is emotionally, physically, and mentally taxing. Providing care as lactation professionals during a pandemic has driven many to experience compassion fatigue. This phenomenon impacts one’s personal health in a myriad of ways and also has a significant impact on how one provides empathetic care to families. The current communication model for providing empathetic care in lactation is steeped in the patriarchal model, which actually suppresses empathy. This presentation will help health care providers identify signs of compassion fatigue and provide tools for self-assessment. Additionally, attendees will learn how to apply a natural empathetic model to their lactation/ IBCLC practice to protect their personal health and promote a more supportive way to engage with their families.

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