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"Unlike cultural competence - which is finite in scope - cultural humility involves ongoing lifelong learning from the community that is being supported." N. Killings








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Nekisha Killings MPH IBCLC is an equity strategist and maternal and child health advocate who speaks, teaches, and facilitates on topics related to equity and dismantling bias across various sectors. She acts as a Director of Equity, Inclusion and Belonging and consults organizations on creating and implementing strategies to better support marginalized communities. Nekisha penned the chapter titled Cultural Humility in the latest Core Curriculum for Interdisciplinary Lactation Care. Coined the Aha! Moment Maven, Nekisha works to wow audiences with new realizations that will impact their approach to business and life positively. Nekisha is on a mission to normalize brown breasts in health provider education, thereby better equipping providers to accurately diagnose and treat people of color. Accordingly, she founded The Melanated Mammary Atlas® in 2021. Nekisha‘s work is rooted in a compassion and candor that could only have been cultivated in years of supporting new parents through their journeys during the first days of parenthood. To eager audiences, she extends her own brand of wisdom, wit, and eureka moments to shift the way they approach life and work.

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"I always love those moments when I sit down to talk to somebody and they say something that makes me look at life or a situation in a completely different way, and I say, 'Aha! I get it! Lightbulb!' ... When the little hairs on your arm stand up... THAT is an Aha! Moment."

Oprah Winfrey

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"I have known Nikki Killings for several years as a skilled, compassionate, and knowledgeable provider for mothers and babies. I admire that she supports all breastfeeding families no matter what and has worked for building greater partnerships and supports in the communities that she has served. She provides great care and research-based information in a helpful and loving way. You cannot find a better person to entrust with your needs." - SB

"Passion, patient, perfect! Nikki is an advocate for nursing moms and it is apparent her approach. I am in awe at her wisdom and tenderness along her ability to firmly support the women she encounters. What a blessing to the industry!" JG

"I felt compelled to contact you  following the viewing of your presentation... I just wanted to say it was a fantastic and informative presentation, I have never heard you speak before - I loved listening and learned lots - Thank you!" DB

"I have been sharing the link to your talk to encourage all my local co-supporters and anyone else I think might find it useful to check it out. I cannot overstate how much I think anyone who wants to help parents breastfeed should see it... I really appreciate your clear, fact based style and you truly exude a warmth I suspect makes your clients feel very comfortable." JF

"The presentation was stellar— great and organized content, excellent presentation skills, and an eye toward inclusion and shared learning!  I could also listen to you talk all day. You have a lovely speaking voice. Thanks so much for doing this." AW

Thanks Nekisha!  You make this very deep conversation much easier to have with your kind style.

- anonymous

"Enjoyed the session a ton. This is a time where inclusivity is so incredibly important and Nekisha was an excellent facilitator." 

- anonymous

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